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Brand vs Logo

To have a deep understanding of these two concepts, let’s take a short incursion into the evolution of brands. Antiquity and medieval times. The concept of branding dates back to ancient times when craftsmen and manufacturers marked their goods with distinctive signs and symbols to indicate ownership and quality. This practice was used also on […]

Color Theory – Part 1 – Technicalities

Intro Color doesn’t actually exist without an observer. Color is a visual perception that results from the way light interacts with objects. When light hits an object, certain wavelengths are absorbed by the object and others are reflected. The reflected wavelengths are what our eyes perceive as color. Color is actual an electromagnetic spectrum, that […]

Color Theory – Part 2 – Symbolism

Understanding color theory is essential for artists, designers, and anyone working with visual media. Colors are not just arbitrary choices; they convey meaning, evoke emotions, and influence perceptions. In previous article, we explored the technical aspects of colors, we will delve into the symbolism of colors in today’s context, exploring how different colors are perceived […]

Color Theory – Part 3 – History

Early history The beginning of color perception and the understanding of color is deeply intertwined with human evolution and the development of early civilizations. It is believed that our earliest ancestors perceived the world in relatively simple terms, with their vision primarily focused on distinguishing between light and dark, rather than perceiving a wide range […]

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