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You are 5 days away from learning to create a brand.

Step by step easy learning
This is the complete course that will teach you the entire branding process, step by step.

Avoid design revisions
Your client will be involved in the creative process, and the design will follow a direction that you both agree upon.

Expert positioning
Your client will perceive you as an expert and will respect your ideas, being less rigid when it comes to design directions.

All the templates you need. Proven framework.

This course is structured in multiple steps, lining up with the creative process. For each step you get guides and templates that you can use to create a brand.
This is the exact framework that we use in our branding studio for projects budgeted over $12.000.

Real project examples for each step of the process.

The branding process is easy to understand when you have an example. We included the entire branding process of TEN:07 – a bicycles brand based in Netherlands.

Charge 10x more on your next project!

You can charge significantly more for a branding project than for a simple logo design. We strongly encourage our students to scale up their budgets by up to 10 times. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s attainable.

This is for you if:

  • You know how to design a logo.
  • You want to earn more money as a graphic designer.
  • You want to learn fast and easy (no extra useless content).
  • You want all the frameworks & templates to easily create a brand.
  • You want our lifetime support!

This is not for you if:

  • You want to learn how to design a logo.
  • You want to learn graphic design.


Online live meetings!

Upon purchasing a course, you benefit from our free live group meetings where we answer all your questions and debate the most common challenges.


01. Branding workshop

You will learn how to run a branding workshop that will help you better understand your client’s needs and create a functional brand.

You will discover the values of the brand, its voice and what makes it different and special from its competitors.

You will run this worksop by asking the right questions, helping your client to gain a clear vision of the brand.

It includes:

  • a real project example
  • Pdf guide book – 46 pages
  • Keynote and Power Point worksheet
Brand naming course- workshop into mood boards

02. Workshop into design

You will learn to create Style Boards that illustrate different design directions, without creating actual designs.

The purpose of the Style Boards is to identify what kind of design your client would like for his brand.

This way, when you move into creating the visual identity, you’ll know what the client wants and you won’t go through revisions that go on forever.

It includes:

  • a real project example
  • Pdf guide book – 34 pages
  • Adobe Illustrator template
  • Keynote/ PowerPoint presentation template

03. Brand naming

With the help of this guide, you will learn the complete creative process of creating a brand name: how to gather and structure your ideas, how to verify trademark registration availability, and how to present your concepts to the client.

It includes:

  • a real project example
  • Pdf guide book – 58 pages
  • Keynote/ PowerPoint template

04. Logo presentation

You’ll learn how to present your logo concepts like a pro, so your client understands your vision and the values each concept illustrates.

You will be able to create a story for each concept, bringing more value to your presentation.

It includes:

  • a real project example
  • Pdf guide book – 19 pages
  • Adobe Illustrator template

05. Brand Book

You will learn how to combine the brand values and the logo into a consistent Brand Book, and put together a design system for all the brand applications that are to come: business cards, banners, email signature, packaging etc.

It includes:

  • a real project example
  • Pdf guide book – 35 pages
  • Adobe Illustrator template
  • Adobe InDesign template


What people say:

After completing the "Branding for Beginners" course, I realized the vital role structure plays in the branding process. As someone inclined towards chaos in design, I realized this was precisely what I had been missing. Personally, I view it as an art to distill complexity into simple, universally understandable terms—an ability highly valued by the Armeanu Creative Academy team. The tangible outcomes were remarkable: I tripled my project rates, with clients now recognizing the real value in every deliverable. Additionally, I streamlined project timelines significantly, thanks to the newfound clarity in my approach and improved communication with clients. Life as a freelancer has become much simpler, and for that, I owe immense gratitude to the Armeanu Creative Academy team!
Elena V.
Even though I have considerable experience in the field, this course helped me to have a structure in creating a Brand Identity, to play it safe, with each stage having its role in successfully approaching the end result without unnecessary changes. I recommend it with confidence.
Irina G.


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Upon purchasing a course, you benefit from our free live group meetings where we answer all your questions and debate the most common challenges.

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