To make an informed decision, consider your strengths, interests, and the specific needs and dynamics of the market you want to enter.

Do this exercise for each of the services you are considering specializing in, then compare the scores.

The primary service you want to offer.
Your skill level:
Do your main competitors offer exclusively the same service that you want to specialize in?
Can you match the work quality of your competitors?
Does your current portfolio match or exceed the work quality of your competitors?
How many projects do you need to meet your annual income expectations?
Is there a constant demand on the market for this type of service?
Can you add secondary services to your primary service?
Do you require external collaborators to develop a project?
Can you work remotely with this type of service?
Can this service be done entirely using AI (Artificial Inteligence)?
Can you outsource some of the work required on a project?
Can this service be done for recurrent clients?
Can you charge a project-based fee instead of an hourly rate?
Can you offer this service in more than one language?
If your score is below 70, you should reconsider niching in this service.

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