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  • Branding for beginners


    Easy learning in 5 days.
    It includes all the necessary templates and real project examples for all the creative steps.

  • Brand naming for everyone


    This course will teach you the essentials of creating a brand name through a strategic approach where you combine research and creativity.

  • Branding Workshop framework


    The first step in branding: learn how to run a branding workshop that will help you better understand your client’s needs and create a functional brand.

  • Social Media Templates


    This tool proves invaluable in crafting and exporting social media images while establishing brand identity across various channels for your client/ project.

  • How to get clients


    We reveal everything we’ve done over the past years to attract high-paying international clients. It includes an online tool that will help you identify your best niche in order to stand out in the market.

  • The winning proposal


    This is a practical course that will teach you how to craft a professional proposal. Ready to use template! Custom-crafted to convince your client!

  • Sales script

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